Paul Johansson on the high octane, Detective Knight: Redemption

Paul Johansson needs no introduction; he has been a central figure throughout TV and movies and one of his most notable roles is as Dan Scott in the drama One Tree Hill. TV fans will know that Dan was essentially the JR Ewing of One Tree Hill but if we’re being honest, JR was never as cold as Dan.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to chat with Paul about his latest movie, Detective Knight: Redemption. A pulse pounding thriller set at Christmas and directed by the ever so talented, Edward Drake. and his scene stealing role as Ricky Conlan. Conlan is unpredictable ex-special forces soldier turned bank robber. Paul delivers what could well be a career best performance.

Witness me get Paul’s character’s name wrong and also my lights go out twice!

In custody in New York, Detective James Knight finds himself in the middle of a jailbreak led by The Christmas Bomber, a brutal fanatic whose Santa Claus disciples are terrorizing the city. With the promised return of his badge in exchange for taking out the terrorists, the steely-eyed Knight doles out mercy for the just…and merciless justice for all the rest