Power Rangers Forever Red (2002) Review

Directed By: Koichi Sakamoto

Starring: Ricardo Medina Jr, Jack Guzman, Philip Jeanmarie, Alyson Kiperman, Jessica Rey, Philip Andrew, Austin St John, Jason David Frank, Jason Faunt & Daniel Southworth

Synopsis: General Venjix, a servant of Power Rangers Zeo foe King Mondo, seeks to carry on his fallen King’s legacy. Andros, the Red Space Power Ranger, discovers Venjix and remnants of Mondo’s empire are preparing to invade Earth and retreats to Earth to alert the veteran Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver, of what’s about to unfold. Tommy then recruits all of the former Red Rangers as well as the Red Wild Force Ranger, Cole Evans, to make a daring trip to the Machine Empire’s hideout on the Moon and stop them.

Review: Forever Red features a host of Red Rangers and series returnee Jason David Frank returns as Tommy in the red Zeo ranger outfit and we also see Austin St John return as Jason the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Which was a highlight as Jason is a fan favourite and rarely comes back for special episodes.

The episode was fast paced with some very good fight choreography. The thing that makes these specials standout is that each Power Ranger seems to get a boost in kick assery and seem somewhat stronger than they are in standard episodes. Ultimately this means we get to see them be at their badass best.

A highlight was seeing Daniel Southworth back on the screen. He carries such a badass intense look and every time i see him i can’t help but think it would be cool to see him kick some ass in action movies.

Overall Forever Red is a very cool episode that had some great Power Rangers return and it was full with some classic throwbacks to older episodes. The fight choreography was some of the best i have seen in a Power Rangers episode yet.


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