Rainbow Six: Extraction (2022) Review

Rainbow Six


Online Multiplayer

Review: With countless games offering exclusive online games and Rainbow Six: Siege being one of the most popular amongst fans of the shooter genre, it was only a matter of time Rainbow Six went up against creatures in a massive horror showdown.

Extraction has some great features and at first, players may think this game isn’t great. It’s tough to get into at the beginning but it’s a Tom Clancy game so I find patience is key and spending some well earned time on the tutorials is always a good call.

The game allows the player to choose between a host of operators, each has their own weapons, class and abilities. After the selection process you and three other team members are dispatched to hostile grounds to retrieve samples deadly parasite virus that has infected the United States, or complete three objectives. That being said you don’t have to complete all three objectives but by doing so you will receive a bigger reward. If the zone gets to hit you can extract after completing one or two of the objectives. If you fail to complete the objectives and get overrun, your operator becomes a POW.

The missions maps all look like a breeze, the idea, lock and load and unleash some well deserved hell upon these creatures, right?….WRONG. Each objective can have you surrounded by hordes of these creatures, there are different variations that can easily overpower an operator, more so when you get tasked with having to split from the team. Extraction looks like it offers very little at first looks but that’s not the case and gamers will be engrossed for hours.

Extraction deviates from others games, in the sense that the player needs to rely on stealth and using the skills and tech information to complete missions, it’s very complex and hours can be spent trying to figure the right formula. It’s so much fun.

Overall, Extraction is a fun entry to the Rainbow Six universe and makes a welcome change to the usual formula of a Rainbow Six game. The bold move to release a game fully centred around the virus has definitely paid off!