Redcon-1 Review (2018)

Redcon-1 (2018)

Directed By: Chee Keong Cheung

Starring: Oris Erhuero, Mark Strange, Carlos Gallardo, Katrina Leigh Waters, Martyn Ford, Michael Sheehan, Akira Koieyama

Synopsis: A crack team of soldiers must battle through a zombie-filled Britain in a race against time to find a cure.

Review: Redcon-1 is a British action, horror movie which focuses on a group of special forces soldiers sent on a mission through a infected zombie-esque ridden London.

Director Chee Keong Cheung brings a whole new level of infected to the screen, think 28 Days /Weeks Later but the infected eventually evolve and can start to think for themselves. This amps up the level of tension as each of the infected have different personalities so when we get a horde of them it’s chaos. Taking the lead in the movie is Oris Erhuero as Capt. Marcus Stanton the team leader of the platoon sent on the three day suicide mission to try and find the Dr Julian Raynes who may just have the cure for this outbreak. We also have original Mariachi himself Carlos Gallardo playing Sgt. Frederick Reeves who unfortunately doesn’t get to whip out a guitar case full of guns but he does get to rack up a kill count and sing a song he sang in El Mariachi which is a awesome highlight. We also get the delight of having martial arts sensation Mark Strange play LIEUT. Frank Perez a character who is all to hard to read, I would say he is like Marmite. You either love or hate him.

The movie takes a turn from average ‘zombie’ movies as we have our heroes take out zombies with some impressive fight skills Oris and Mark bring a whole new level of kickass to the movie and display some impressive moves. There is a highlight fight scene which I shall not spoil.

The Action scenes are well done, Chee doesn’t disappoint in delivering some brutal moments with memorable fights and gracious gore. A highlight scene is when our heroes go into a tower block which is a last known location of Dr. Raynes. Little do they know its littered with the infected and the movie turns into The Raid on crack amped up.

When the team aren’t fighting the infected there is a subplot of a group of merciless prisoners hunting them down and a young girl being taken under the Captains protection.

Overall the movie was very enjoyable and it sets the tone for possible sequels and a whole universe to explore. Chee delivers on all aspects of horror and action and some great martial arts fight scenes. I cannot wait to see what Chee does next and where this franchise goes.

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