Robert ‘Bronzi’ Kovacs Interview


I recently got the chance to chat with Robert ‘Bronzi’ Kovacs. Who is the dead ringer for 70’s through to 90’s action star Charles Bronson!

You look so much like Charles Bronson, when I first saw you I had to look twice. I assume Charles Bronson was a hero of yours?
Yes, Of course. I am a big the biggest fan of Charles Bronson.
Do you have a personal favourite movie of Charles Bronson?
All of them but my favorites Once Upon in the West , Mr. Majestyk and Apache many of these great films shot in Spain near where I worked at Texas Hollywood, Almeria Spain.
I have seen the trailer for Death Kiss, can you tell me a little about the movie?

It is the story of a Good Man who must do very bad things to protect those who can not protect themselves.
Your character is called the stranger, is that an homage to Clint Eastwoods ‘Stranger’ in the old westerns?
Yes I believe so, But you must speak with writer and director Rene Perez to confirm.
Can you confirm a release date for it?
I am told as soon as August but have seen release dates for DVD and Digital release in December.
Is there a sequel to death kiss in the works?

I am sure their are still many great stories ahead for this character but must wait to see what Rene Perez wishes to do.
Your first movie was a western/ horror titled from hell to the wild west, I have not seen it or been able to track it down. I would like if you could tell me about it.
A serial killer is on the loose in the Wild West who may have some ties to the famous Jack The Ripper. My character is hunting him down while trying to avoid a posse sent to kill him by the Sheriff.

Would Action, Western and Horror be your favourite Genres?
I truly Love the Westerns of the American West and the gritty action films of the 1970’s.

Do you have any upcoming projects due release or are going to film?
I am traveling to the United States this week for a feature film. It is an action film reminiscent of the 1970’s prison escape blockbusters.


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  1. my favorite Charles Bronson movie was Once upon a time in the west! I loved them all. He was the working
    man’s hero!

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