Rogue Warfare (2019) Review


Rogue Warfare (2019)

Directed By: Mike Gunther

Starring: Will Yun Lee, Stephen Lang, Chris Mulkey

Synopsis: ALL NATIONS, ONE ENEMY… In this action-packed trilogy, we begin with the President of the United States (Stephen Lang) who aligns with China, Russia, Great Britain, and France to assemble an elite TEAM of highly trained, special ops soldiers to defeat The Black Mask Organization: a highly intelligent and greatly feared terrorist group. This ruthless enemy threatens global security utilizing a new-age approach to terror by fusing biology with technology. This new weapon will destroy world order. The TEAM, led by heroic operative Daniel (Will Yun Lee), must take on this impossible mission to source and disarm this secret bomb targeted to kill several world leaders.

Review: Rogue Warfare is the first of a trilogy of movies centered around a team of Special Forces soldiers from different countries who form together too create the ultimate anti-terrorism unit.

The movie does its best too find its feet, it maybe would have been ideal as a six part series rather than a movie. The movie featured some pretty cool action scenes. One in particular when they infiltrate an enemy camp and we get too see Fernando Chien’s character Xu take out some bad guys with his knife, in such a style John Wick would be proud. It was a highlight of the movie.

Our teams characters are given there chance too shine throughout and each have their own badass moments. While Daniel (Will Yun Lee) is appointed the teams leader, each member makes an executive decision throughout for the missions sake.

I found at times the the movie spent a good deal of time on The Black Masks leader and his speeches which I thought dragged out, I found myself fighting the urge too hit the fast forward button.

Overall with some pacing issues regarding the speeches which weren’t entirely necessary, we had some good action scenes too make up for it. I would say give it a shot its a fun action movie. There are still parts 2&3 too be released and I am sure they will knock it up a notch. The end of the movie sets up the sequel which in turn looks to be a true ‘Men on a Mission’ ‘Revenge’ movie.


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