‘Saw X’: A Gory Game of Revenge, 2023

Jigsaw’s Return Marks a Bloody Reboot with Tobin Bell Front and Centre

Rating: 4 out of 5.

In “Saw X“, the most recent instalment of this enduring horror franchise, Tobin Bell reprises his role as the iconic Jigsaw, taking the spotlight in a prequel that slots neatly between the original “Saw” and its sequel. This much-needed reboot delivers a fresh perspective and a return to the franchise’s gruesome roots, offering fans both a compelling backstory and the brutal traps they crave.

A Newfound Purpose

The film unveils the deeply disturbing chapter of John Kramer’s life, set between the events of “Saw I” and “Saw II”. A gravely ill John, stricken with brain cancer, embarks on a desperate journey to Mexico in search of a miracle cure, only to discover that he’s fallen victim to a heartless scam targeting the most vulnerable. With newfound purpose, Jigsaw returns to the macabre work he’s known for, concocting devious, deranged, and ingeniously cruel traps to exact his revenge on the malevolent scam artists.

Emotional Depth Revives the Franchise

Tobin Bell’s commanding presence and the reinvigoration of Jigsaw offer a fresh breath of life to a franchise that was teetering under the weight of convoluted timelines and numerous sequels. Bell’s portrayal provides an emotional depth that elevates the character beyond a mere serial killer. His Jigsaw transcends vengeance, seeing his traps as thought-provoking games rather than retribution. It’s a portrayal that renews the franchise’s core essence.

As Gore-Soaked As Ever

Director Kevin Greutert masterfully guides the narrative, delivering a plot with unexpected depth and an intense atmosphere. The film’s first act meticulously lays the groundwork for Jigsaw’s transformation, allowing fans to delve into the character’s backstory. This might test the patience of those primarily seeking gory torture sequences but is essential in reviving the franchise. When the traps finally emerge, they are as intricate and gore-soaked as ever, promising thrills and shocks.

Saw X, Lionsgate, Fair Use

Action Reloaded’s Verdict

“Saw X” is a significant step towards reclaiming the franchise’s original appeal. It wisely brings back Tobin Bell, rewinding the story to its gruesome roots, and delivering on the core elements that made the series a hit. With brutal set pieces and a dash of jet-black humour, it’s a reminder of why we fell in love with Jigsaw’s gruesome games in the first place. Let the games begin, indeed.

Let the Games Begin…

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