Silencer Review (2018)

Silencer (2018)

Directed By: Timothy Woodward Jr

Starring: Johnny Messner, Tito Ortiz, Danny Trejo and Chuck Liddell

Synopsis: Disgraced alcoholic veteran must reawaken all his deadly skills, and track down his former employer when he fails to complete his last hit.

Review: Johnny Messner stars as Frank an ex Hitman and former military Sharpshooter. Frank now lives a quiet life working as a mechanic and attending AA meetings where he remains silent in a corner, Frank is still haunted from his time in Afghanistan. Frank happens to fix cars for local cartel boss Ocha (Danny Trejo), when Ocha’s daughter is killed in a hit and run he forces Frank to return to a life he left behind, his life as a notorious Hitman known as the Silencer. When Frank fails to kill his target, his step-daughter Shannon is kidnapped and his girlfriend Cass is shot, now Frank must use all his skills to take down Ocha and his henchmen in order to get Shannon back.

The Silencer is straight forward meat and potatoes b-action movie fare and it does what it says on the tin. Forget the reviews on IMDB this movie is a fun action ride, Johnny Messner plays Frank on point and is believable as a troubled badass, he is a cross between Frank Castle from the Punisher and Bryan Mills from Taken. Along with the many shootouts we are also treated to a cool bar fight where Messner and Tito Ortiz kick the shit out of some wannabe tough guys. Chuck Liddell lends his hand to playing the vile, intimerdating henchman known as Nelson, who has respect for no one including his boss Ocha. You get the impression that he would take out anyone and everyone for his own gains. I would recommend giving this a watch and for those who complain about buying movies…. Its on Netflix, so go and grab some beer and crisps and indulge in some good old action fun.


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