Sinners & Saints: Vengeance

The first movie was a total kickass journey and we are introduced to Sean Riley, ex military, now a detective for the New Orleans police department. When we met Sean he was grieving for the loss of his son, his wife had also abandoned him, he was practically the modern day more badass version of Riggs from the Lethal Weapon franchise.

A couple of pictures from the first movie.¬† Now here’s what we know about the sequel..

Sinners and Saints: Vengeance (2018)

After the retaliatory murder of his partner, NOPD Detective Sean Riley (Johnny Strong) teams up with an old friend (Scott Adkins) from his Special Forces background as he storms the violent streets of Moscow on a mission of blood- soaked revenge.

Scott Adkins has been cast as Sean’s friend who is going to help him tear Moscow apart.

Heres a promo poster aswell..




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