Skyfire (2020) Review

Directed By: Simon West

Starring: Jason Isaacs, Hannah Quinlivan, Wang Xueqi, Shawn Dou

Synopsis: Escape to Tianhuo Island, a beautiful remote paradise…where renowned businessman Jack Harris, played by charismatic screen favourite Jason Isaacs, is about to open a brand-new holiday resort. With its breathtaking views overlooking the stunning mountains and the chance to tour the dormant volcano, visitors begin to flock from far and wide to experience the awe-inspiring sights.
But beneath the Island’s beauty lies the ultimate danger…when the mountain decides to wake up, it creates terror in its wake. Will anyone survive the volcanic fallout?

Review: Simon West makes an explosive return to our screens with the action/adventure/disaster movie Skyfire!

Skyfire immediately hooks you from the get-go setting our stories narrative and treating us to an epic volcanic eruption showcasing some very awesome special effects and a very intimidating pyroclastic flow!

Skyfire has a great cast and all the characters are likeable, there isn’t the character we need to watch out for with bad intentions. Skyfire reminded me of Jurassic World but with a big deadly super volcano waiting to explode.

There was a few moments I didn’t see coming, one being a scene on the docks (I won’t say any more).

A highlight on the action front is a set piece involving some cable cars travelling down the volcano as it’s erupting which was fun to watch and quite memorable. The special effects are amazing and you never once get taken out of the zone by some ropey effects.

It was awesome to see another project from Simon as his movies always deliver when action is involved and Skyfire is no different.

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