Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020) Review

Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020)

Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020)

Directed By: Kaare Andrews

Starring: Chad Michael Collins, Tom Berenger, Sayaka Akimoto, Lochlyn Munro & Ryan Robbins

Synopsis :Special Ops sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) is set up as the primary suspect for the murder of a foreign dignitary on the eve of signing a high-profile trade agreement with the United States. Narrowly escaping death, Beckett realizes that there may be a dark operative working within the government, and partners with the only person whom he can trust: his father, legendary sniper Sgt. Thomas Beckett (*Golden Globe® winner Tom Berenger). Both Becketts are on the run from the CIA, Russian mercenaries and Lady Death, a Yakuza-trained assassin (Japanese actress and singer Sayaka Akimoto in her Hollywood film debut) with sniper skills that rival both sharpshooters.

Review: Chad Michael Collins returns as Brandon Beckett in ‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’. Original Sniper star Tom Berenger is back for the ride aswell.

I was pumped when the trailer dropped for this. Having been a fan of Tom, The Sniper franchise and Chad for some time now. I had to see this. And see it I did.

Going from what the trailers had shown, I thought it was going to be a little like ‘Angel Has Fallen’. Brandon getting framed for a murder then seeking shelter at his dad’s house in the woods. Then fighting off waves etc. Though we didn’t get that as such, the whole woodland set piece was tense. I found myself worrying about Beckett Sr & Jr. A highlight of the movie was a moment of silence where Beckett Sr & Jr are hunting or being hunted by an assassin. The screen splits into three sections from each person’s point of view and we see what they see. It’s quite a tense scene and reminded me of the standoff in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

We are also introduced to a new character who is very prominent throughout. He is a by his own rules badass Homeland Security agent codenamed ‘Zero’. He is sent by the military to prove Brandon’s innocence. It felt like this movie was also being used as somewhat of a backdoor for a spin-off centering on this character. Which I wouldn’t mind in the slightest.

Tom Berenger still plays Thomas Beckett with such cool badassery (may have made that word up). This movie continues to add layers to the character. I found this entry to be more personal to Brandon and Thomas. Giving us a peek at Thomas’s lighter side, thus fleshing him out to be more than just a killing machine. I personally enjoyed this added element as it was never really hit upon in the previous entries.

Sayaka Akimoto stole every scene she was in. She played the part of the cold calculated assassin to perfection. She also racked up quite a body count and gave both Becketts a run for their money. She is without a doubt their deadliest opponent yet.

Overall ‘Sniper: Assassin’s End’ hits the mark and proves it is still a solid franchise. Assassin’s End is an exciting action-thriller with Collins and Berenger returning on top form. Lock ‘N Load and bring on another entry!!



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