Soul Jazz Records Presents ‘Shaft’  December 21st / 7.30pm / Regent Street Cinema

Soul Jazz Records continues its Blaxploitation classic film screenings at Regent Street Cinema with this rare one-off screening of the classic ‘Shaft’ (1971) on a fantastic 35-mm print!

Shaft (1971) is one of the very first and most successful Blaxploitation films ever made.

Lead actor Richard Roundtree, director Gordon Parks and soundtrack composer Isaac Hayes all helped create this tense action masterpiece featuring the iconic black private detective John Shaft.

Shaft is an important landmark in black American cinema – featuring an ensemble mainly black cast, the first ever black film director to work at a major studio (MGM), and a plotline aimed at an African-American audience. The film benefitted from all three factors – going to take over $10 million at the box office and in the process saving MGM from bankruptcy.

Equally successful was the stunning soundtrack by Isaac Hayes – a blend of wah wah funk, jazz, heavy percussion and a full orchestra which – like the movie itself – became the template for all the many Blaxploitation films that followed in the wake of the success of Shaft.

The film will be introduced by Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) and Soul Jazz Records DJs will also be laying down some heavy funk and soul in the bar before and after the film so get on down! Can you dig it?


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