Star Andrew Lincoln to Leave The Walking Dead at end of Season 9


Today we have come to hear some sad news in The Walking Dead universe and that is lead man and my own personal favourite character Rick Grimes is set to leave the show by the end of the ninth season. It is hinted that the character of Rick will not die but just walk away. Norman Reedus who plays Daryl is said to take over as the lead of the show, Reedus has apparently been offered 20 million dollars.

Personally I don’t think Reedus can hold the show together, as his character Daryl has been pretty boring the last couple of seasons. Plus look at the picture above. When Rick puts that jacket on and grabs his Python and machine gun we know shit is going to go down, you can’t replace these sort of traits.

Maybe just maybe Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Negan will somehow step up in a more pivotal role.

I’m open to anything so I’m more curious how this will all play out. I do hope we maybe get a series called ‘Grimes’ in the near future.

More as we hear it guys.


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