Steve Alten Brings Us, Meg Island: Sea Monster Cove!!

Imagine a new form of web entertainment – an interactive experience where members can observe the most terrifying sea creatures that ever lived, each housed in the most advanced aquariums ever conceived, and the animals and people react and respond to your presence. Add to that several adventure series set against the same backdrop, independent yet interwoven, written by best-selling authors and supported by motion picture-worthy special effects.

Welcome to…

Opening in Summer of 2020…

This spring the most unique vacation spot in the world will finally be open to the public. While investors and their families will arrive by cruise ship from Saipan, our virtual guests can select from one of two member- ships:

GOLD MEMBERSHIP (PG-13 $12.95 a month) Allows the member unlimited access to Maug’s two main attractions (MEG Island & Sea Monster Aquarium), as well as the Panthalassa Palace Hotel and every destination on the map.

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP (PG-17 $15.95 a month) Allows the member unlimited access to all of Maug’s attractions as both a Visitor and Participant, the latter accessible via Exhibit Episodes. (Parental advisory: Contains adult themes; R-rated attack scenes not recommended for young children).

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