Directed By: Christian Sesma

Starring: Gillian White, Michael Jai White, Mickey Rourke & James Russo

Synopsis: Zara and Brian (real-life couple – Gillian White and Michael Jai White, The Dark Knight) are living the perfect small-town life, but when Zara heroically foils a robbery, she soon becomes headline news…and the unwanted notoriety sees Zara’s mysterious past catch up with her, putting her family’s life in serious danger. When their daughter is kidnapped by a sadistic gang, led by the vicious Patrick (Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler), the pair face a race against time to save her life. With Detective Chalmers (James Russo – Django Unchained) also on Patrick’s trail, Zara and Patrick’s paths collide in an explosive finale. Zara must finally face up to her past and get revenge on the savages who almost ruined her life.

Review: Gillian White makes her debut leading lady role in action thriller Take Back.

How could action fans not be excited? Christian Sesma’s previous movie Paydirt was a fun thriller that put Kilmer back in front of the camera. Take Back is no different, Sesma employs the talents of Gillian White – yup, Michael Jai White’s wife, who is just as deadly as the man himself – who completely owns the screen and creates a badass memorable character with a mysterious background.

Gillian showcases her range of acting, from moments of being a mum, a boss, a loving wife and of course a terminating badass!! But with the badassness comes a backstory which requires Gillian to delve deep and bring out how mental health can play a huge factor in life. Gillian plays all these emotional roles out with ease.

Mickey Rourke is on hand as our big bad who is hell bent on making Gillian’s characters life hell, Mickey doesn’t overly out do himself and he mostly flares up and comes to life in the finale with Gillian. Michael Jai White also co-stars as Gillian’s characters husband. His role is supporting and while he does get an action moment or two, Christian [The Director] clearly allows us to see this IS Gillian’s movie.

The fight scenes in Take Back are awesome, a highlight is a home invasion piece where Gillian uses a pizza cutter and it’s honestly one of the most memorable moments of the movie, I’m sure it will be replicated in action movies to come.

Overall Take Back was a fun movie that has showcased that Gillian is leading lady material and can carry a movie with absolute ease, I hope she continues to be a forefront on kickass females in the genre! I am looking forward to seeing what she does next!


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