The ART of The Walking Dead Universe (2021) Review

‘The ART of The Walking Dead Universe’, published by AMC Networks, is without a doubt one of the most impressive compilation books to date in this genre. With 239 pages, consisting of striking posters, gripping storyboards, engaging behind-the-scenes material, and fascinating character details, every page is unique. 


     The book brilliantly showcases the concept art posters from all three Walking Dead Universes, by artist Brian Rood. The three universes, for those that don’t know, include The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and The World Beyond. A key attribute to mention is the concept art for season 7 of The Walking Dead which highlighted the suspenseful introduction to big baddie, Negan, and his trusty sidekick, Lucille. Readers are spoiled with an entire picture collage of Negan’s entrance, including teasers of which characters fall victim to the blood-curdling menace in the controversial Lucille scene. The concept art for season 9 of The Walking Dead is another show stopping attribute; the Whisperers are introduced here, bringing terror and anguish to our longest-standing characters. The concept art is fantastic and induces real feelings of nostalgia to day-one fans — perhaps it will even inspire rewatching the entire series from the start.

 Fear the Walking Dead, season 2, exhibits a collection of cool concept designs that could have been used as the PR poster, some perhaps better than the concept art poster actually used! The World Beyond, season one, has an enormous collection of concept art too, which, next to the official posters, really allows us to envision what The Walking Dead team were going for. The artwork is astounding; it reveals spine-chilling zombie designs that were never used which is a shame really because they are unforgettable.

*The ART of the Walking Dead is available to purchase in standard edition and available everywhere.


     For die-hard fans, this book also contains detailed sketches that set up the scenes and narratives; it takes you right into the writer’s room as you imagine all the ideas being put together on a table. You could easily immerse yourself into this book for hours without a second thought!

*The AMC Network’s exclusive edition is only available at the, which features cover arts from renowned artists, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn and John J. Hill.


     ‘The ART of The Walking Dead Universe’ reveals how the TV sets are built, and how they made each scene and place look unique. One particularly interesting revelation was how the producers created the scavenger’s junkyard — credit to the set designers for their originality and dedication.  


    This book reveals fun facts about the main characters; Andrew Lincoln, for example, wore Rick Grime’s boots so much (regardless of whether he needed to or not) that the soles needed to be changed regularly throughout each season. We also see some character photo shoots and get an inside look at the wild action shots — some that are so good, they seem unreal!

*The Skybound Store exclusive version features Daryl Dixon cover art by David Finch & Dave McCaig.

 To conclude this review, it must be stated that ‘The ART of The Walking Dead Universe’ is a must-own book for any fans of The Walking Dead universe. It is not only a fantastic reminiscence of the show for the day-one fans of the main series, but it is an equally brilliant introduction to new fans, too. It is a great homage to the show that highlights what went on behind the scenes and how it spawned into a universe of its own. This is a must own for all Walking Dead fans! 

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