“The Bricklayer”- A tour de force of action and intrigue

Directed By: Renny Harlin

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Nina Dobrev, Tim Blake Nelson, Ilfenesh Hadera, Clifton Collins Jr

Synopsis: Steve Vail, a seasoned ex-CIA operative, is drawn back into the shadows to confront a formidable extortionist threatening the agency’s very existence. Vail’s expertise and cunning are put to the test as he unravels a complex web of intrigue, navigating through hidden agendas and treacherous alliances. As the stakes escalate, Vail must rely on his instincts and training to outwit his adversaries, uncover their true motives, and protect the secrets that could compromise national security. With time running out and the fate of the agency hanging in the balance, Vail embarks on a perilous mission to neutralize the extortionist and restore order

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Acclaimed director, Renny Harlin returns to his action roots with the fast paced action-thriller, The Bricklayer, where Espionage Meets Adrenaline!

Aaron Eckhart is becoming very well known within the action genre as a certified badass. The Bricklayer showcases Aaron’s ability to lead an action movie and most of all, he does all the action sequences himself, proving that he can hold his own in this ever growing genre. His performance in the movie cements his place as a leading action star and puts him in the same category as some of the greats who give it their all for the genre.

Director, Renny Harlin is no stranger to the action scene, having directed classics such as Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Cliffhanger he knows what to put in the pot to make the recipe simply divine and this movie is no different. Renny brings us back to old school style action with no shaky cam fights and delivers fun practical car chases, fist fights and explosions, there is very little CGI used when it comes to The Bricklayer. The older action fans will love seeing this practical style of film-making back on the scene. 

The Bricklayer sees Aaron Eckhart as ex-CIA agent, Steve Vail, a man who has retired from the game and now lays bricks for a living. When a dangerous hitman starts to kill journalists and leaving evidence that could open up a whole can of worms for the CIA, they’re forced to call Vail back into action. He teams up with agent Kate Bannon who isn’t as seasoned as Vail nor does she trust him. The duo embark on a perilous mention to protect the countries national security. 

The Bricklayer features many action sequences that will have fans of the old school action genre cheering, some notable moments include a club fight which shows off how badass Vail is in close quarters combat and the camera work also allows us to fully see Eckhart in action, arms are broke, bent and twisted and numerous other body parts take a hammering. It’s undeniably a great scene. Another would be the warehouse shootout which see’s Eckhart’s Vail in rage mode taking out a large group of armed henchmen. We also get an awesome car chase which makes anything from modern long winded action movies look terrible, as practical car chases always look so much better than CGI’d “wizardry”. While CGI has become increasingly prevalent in modern filmmaking, Harlin often incorporates practical effects, emphasising real stunts and physical action. This gives his films a grounded and authentic feel.

Overall, Harlin’s The Bricklayer features a high level of energy, with fast-paced sequences that keep audiences engaged. Renny is known for his dynamic camera movements, quick cuts, and intense action scenes, creating a sense of urgency and excitement. Harlin has a penchant for creating visually stunning sequences. Whether it’s through elaborate stunts, explosive set pieces, or visually impressive locations, his films often deliver a spectacle for the audience. For those seeking a riveting tale of intrigue and espionage, “The Bricklayer” delivers a satisfying and pulse-pounding experience from start to finish. An Action Masterpiece!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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