The Drone (2019) Review

The Drone (2019)

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Review: The movie was labelled ‘From The Producers Of Searching And Unfriended’ I hadn’t seen Searching but I loved Unfriended. So I thought I would give this a whirl. I initially assumed that this was going to be horror focused, it was infact a horror comedy.

The movie was clearly having fun with itself and is not meant to be taken seriously at all (Well I hope anyway or I completely misunderstood what they were going for) the opening had our main villain get killed in some what of an 80’s Chucky (Child’s Play) style and his spirit gets transported into The Drone! We get a brief glimpse after of what The Drone is capable of and then off it sets off to terrorise newly wed couple Rachel (Alex Essoe) and Chris ( John Brotherton).

Like I said the movie doesn’t take itself serious at all. Whenever The Drone appears it has some sort of 80’s retro ‘Serial Killer’ theme to accompany it, made me chuckle. Their is also a homage to the original Terminator planted in their as well. It’s practically a recreation of a scene.

Overall I wouldn’t watch it again, the first time around left a very WTF feeling. I wasn’t sure what I had watched. The script was weak which didn’t help, it was very clich√©. I’m not sure if that’s what they wanted us to feel but there was no sense of terror and the comedy fell quite flat… Well there was a couple of funny moments but nothing that saved the movie. It wasn’t my cup of tea as far Horror-comedy movies go and if it was meant to be horror it doesn’t hold up at all.


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