The Equalizer: Denzel Deals Justice, One Hammer at a Time, 2014

The Equalizer, 2014, artwork DVD cover featuring Denzel Washington looking angry with a gun in hand.

The Equalizer, 2014. Distributed by Sony Pictures. Fair Use

Rating: 4 out of 5.

You know you’re in for an electrifying time when Denzel Washington straps on his no-nonsense boots, and “The Equalizer” delivers the promise of old-school justice with a fresh coat of stylish violence. This ain’t your grandpa’s vigilante action – it’s the slick reboot you didn’t know you needed.

The Players: Denzel, the Russian Mafia, and a Nail Gun

“The Equalizer” opens with Denzel’s Robert McCall living a quiet, bookish life. By day, he’s a hardware store worker, and by night, he’s an insomniac diner regular. His quiet demeanor doesn’t go unnoticed, though. He befriends Teri (played by Chloë Grace Moretz), a teenage prostitute tangled in the messy web of the Russian mafia.

When her pimp, Slavi, lays down the law with brute force, Robert can’t sit back. You know, it’s Denzel; he doesn’t do passive. He offers to buy Teri’s freedom and, when declined, proceeds to demonstrate his unique skill set. Spoiler alert: It involves a lot of hammers and improvised weapons.

But here’s where it gets real interesting – Slavi and his gang are just the tip of the Russian mafia iceberg. The big boss, Vladimir Pushkin, ain’t too thrilled about an unknown vigilante messing up his operations.

Mr. McCall: The Reluctant Hero

This film is essentially the lovechild of “Man on Fire” and “Taken”, with Denzel Washington doing what he does best: being the one-man army. He’s a likable, methodical, and emotionally rich character. His past remains shrouded in mystery, but one thing’s clear – he’s got the skills, and he’s not afraid to use them.

We’re not talking parkour chases and CGI explosions; this is Denzel dishing out justice with all the ruthless efficiency of an ex-special forces operative. The tension builds as he goes head-to-head with the Russian syndicate, leading to an electrifying climax you’ll remember.

Denzel Moments and More

As you’d expect, Denzel’s charisma shines, whether he’s taking out the trash or reading a classic. There’s an eerie calmness to his character that keeps you glued to the screen.

The film’s action sequences are gritty and hard-hitting. The supermarket showdown with a nail gun is particularly bone-crunching. Marton Csokas plays the antagonist Teddy with a level of psychopathic charm that makes you despise him in the best way possible.

Fun Fact: Hardware Store Havoc

Now, for the fun fact: Remember that scene I mentioned where Robert goes all MacGyver on some bad guys with hardware store tools? Well, it was revealed that the film used a real-life Jaguar XJ6 for the car suffocation scene. It’s a nice touch when real-life meets fiction.

Equalizer 2 and More

The success of “The Equalizer” led to a sequel, and a third installment was just released in 2023. Denzel’s Robert McCall has become one of those iconic characters that you can’t help but root for.

Action Reloaded’s Verdict: Justice Delivered

While critics might nitpick about the depth of the plot, “The Equalizer” is about action and good old-fashioned vengeance. Denzel’s charisma, gripping action, and creative justice-seeking make it a standout in the world of vigilante cinema.

★★★★☆ Action Reloaded

If you’re looking for some Denzel moments, gritty action, and a good dose of justice, “The Equalizer” is a hammer-wielding, nail-gun-shooting, action-packed choice. Get ready to cheer as Denzel serves up justice, one thug at a time.

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