The Expendables 2 Movie Review


The Expendables 2 (2012)

Director: Simon West

Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Scott Adkins, Liam Hemsworth

The Expendables are reunited when Mr. Church enlists them to take on a seemingly simple job. When things go wrong, the Expendables are compelled to seek revenge in hostile territory, where the odds are stacked against them. Hell-bent on payback, the crew cuts a swath of destruction through opposing forces, wreaking havoc and shutting down an unexpected threat in the nick of time – five tons of weapons-grade plutonium, more than enough to change the balance of power in the world. But that’s nothing compared to the justice they serve against the villainous adversary they seek revenge from.

Review: With the release of Sly’s Escape Plan 2 coming up on us on June 29th I thought I’d take a look back at some of his other sequels. (was going to say number twos, but we all know that could have been misinterpreted)

The Expendables 2 starts off with a bang as we see the group on a mission to free a Chinese billionaire being held hostage, the opening has a satisfying body count for action fans but the opening is all we see of Jet Li and he gets a fight scene which is very remincient of his Hong Kong work. It involves Li having to take on a few goons using some kicks, punches and two frying pans which is really cool to watch. We also get a brief return of Schwarzenegger’s character Trench.

After the explosive opening Mr Church (Bruce Willis) sends Barney (Stallone) and his team on a mission to retrieve a box from a plane that has crashed. This is where we are introduced to Jean Vilain (Jean Claude Van Damme) who also wants the box and also has an army, so our heroes are automatically outgunned. After giving over there weapons The Expendables are left helpless as they watch one of there own get killed in front of them.

This where the action really kicks into gear and we get a bar fight, a brief shootout in an abandoned town, where we get introduced to Booker (Chuck Norris) also known as the lone wolf. He swoops in and saves the team taking over just about everyone and a tank.

The finale of the movie takes place at an airport and its pure throwback fever, all of our favourite action stars side by side shooting nameless waves of goons. Arnold steals the scene taking out waves with Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris.

The final fight between Stallone and Van Damme is short and brutal with Van Damme doing his trademark kick knocking Sly on his arse.

In all its cheesy action packed fun and you can see everyone is having a great time and spewing one liners like it’s going out of fashion, it’s a real throwback to the likes of Commando and Rambo, I would say grab some popcorn and have a blast!!


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