The Flash (2023) A Rollercoaster Ride of Time Travel, Action, and Nostalgia

Directed by: Andy Muschietti

Starring:  Ezra Miller, Sasha CalleMichael ShannonRon LivingstonMaribel VerdúKiersey ClemonsAntje Traue, and Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck

Synopsis: Worlds collide when the Flash uses his superpowers to travel back in time to change the events of the past. However, when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, he becomes trapped in a reality in which General Zod has returned, threatening annihilation. With no other superheroes to turn to, the Flash looks to coax a very different Batman out of retirement and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian — albeit not the one he’s looking for.

The Flash has been a highly anticipated movie since its announcement, and despite facing challenges during its production, it manages to deliver on all fronts. With a story that stays true to Ezra Miller’s interpretation of The Flash/Barry Allen, the film takes audiences on an exciting journey through time, packed with humor, heart, and incredible action. From the unexpected team-ups to the nostalgic cameos, The Flash provides a thrilling experience for fans of the comic book genre.

A Time-Bending Tale:

At the core of The Flash is Barry Allen’s desire to change the past and save his mother from death. However, he soon realizes the consequences of altering the timeline, thanks to a timely warning from Bruce Wayne (played by the remarkable Ben Affleck, who also dons the cape and cowl for some exhilarating crime-fighting action). The movie cleverly explores the delicate balance of time travel and the potential ramifications of even the smallest changes.

Ezra Miller’s Stellar Performance:

Ezra Miller shines in his portrayal of The Flash, seamlessly capturing the essence of Barry Allen’s character. He effortlessly handles the dual roles of two versions of Barry Allen, engaging with his alternate self in a way that is both comical and endearing. Miller’s ability to balance the humor and vulnerability of the character elevates the overall viewing experience and makes him a perfect fit for the Scarlet Speedster.

A Bat-Family Reunion:

One of the most exciting moments in The Flash is Barry’s encounter with Bruce Wayne, played by the legendary Michael Keaton. The reunion takes place in an unexpected way, with Barry seeking out Bruce at Wayne Manor, only to be ambushed by the older, more experienced Batman. Keaton’s return as Batman is a true delight, capturing the essence of the character that made him an icon. The inclusion of Danny Elfman’s classic Batman theme adds an extra layer of nostalgia and excitement.

The Arrival of Supergirl:

Sasha Calle’s portrayal of Supergirl is a standout performance in The Flash. With her undeniable talent and commanding presence, Calle effortlessly embodies the character, making Supergirl an instant fan favorite. While her screen time may be limited, Calle leaves a lasting impression, and audiences will undoubtedly hope for a future solo adventure for Supergirl.

A Grand Finale and Spectacular Cameos:

The Flash culminates in a thrilling final battle that raises the stakes to an all-time high. The movie’s action set pieces are visually stunning and well-executed, providing audiences with breathtaking moments. The inclusion of carefully crafted cameos, brought to life through impressive CGI, is a treat for DC fans. These appearances will leave audiences in awe and, in particular, the final cameo will undoubtedly have jaws dropping.

A New Hope for DC:

The Flash stands among the best in the comic book genre, thanks to its ability to blend action, humor, and heart. Michael Keaton’s return as Batman ignites hope among fans that we may see more of him in James Gunn’s new DC universe, and his performance is a true scene-stealer. Furthermore, Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman deserves recognition as well, solidifying him as a beloved version of the Dark Knight. Sasha Calle’s powerful performance as Supergirl leaves viewers craving more of her character’s story.


The Flash is a movie that lives up to the expectations of fans who have eagerly awaited its release. With its captivating story, impeccable performances, and nostalgic cameos, the film offers an exhilarating experience that caters to both longtime comic book enthusiasts and general audiences. The Flash paves the way for a bright future in the DC universe, leaving viewers eager to see what the Scarlet Speedster’s next adventure will bring.

Rating: 5 out of 5.