There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021)

Directed by: Patrick Brice 

Starring:  Sydney ParkThéodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper, Jesse LaTourette, and Diego Jose

Synopsis: Makani Young has moved from Hawaii to quiet, small-town Nebraska to live with her grandmother and finish high school, but as the countdown to graduation begins, her classmates are stalked by a killer intent on exposing their darkest secrets to the entire town, terrorizing victims while wearing a life-like mask of their own face. With a mysterious past of her own, Makani and her friends must discover the killer’s identity before they become victims themselves.

A Banner poster of the Netflix horror movie, There's Someone Inside Your House. The poster displays the lead actress and a house with a silhouette of a figure in the window. Used for display purposes only under the fair act use.

Review: Another gem on the Netflix horror roster. There’s Some Inside Your House is based upon the book of the same name written by author Stephanie Perkins. The movie opts to change a few things to spice it up. One being the identity of the killer and another notable change is the killings in the house, something the title leads us to believe. The first killing is very much like in the novels with the killer moving objects in the homes of the victims and toying with them in the typical sinister stalk and slash style.

The opening of the movie sets up the tension and suspense and will have audiences gripped. The opening of a horror movie either makes of breaks the movie, for instance the movie Scream (1996) killed Hollywood A-lister, Drew Barrymore, in the opening ten minutes in brutal cat and mouse game. There’s Someone Inside Your House is no different, it manages to capture your attention and invest in the rest of the movie.

Like many movies there are more things you want to see fleshed out such as the back story of the lead character, Mekani and Ollie. A flashback to their time spent together and how they initially met etc would have been great. When we pick up with these two and their backstory it’s almost as if we’re meant to know what has happened between the pair. Mekani comes off quite cold and selfish regarding her and Ollies relationship and it makes her hard to root for.

The character group we follow throughout are likeable and have their own quirks. As the movie plays out, we learn each has their own dark secrets and the killer is targeting everyone based upon them. The killer doesn’t opt for the conventional notable mask but uses a 3D-Printer to make masks based upon his victims faces which is quite chilling.

The finale takes place in cornfield, a setting that could have made an edge of your seat, tension filled stalk-and-slash set piece which leads to the showdown between the final girl and the killer along with the big reveal. The movie takes the path of a quick set-up and reveal which felt a little abrupt, but it doesn’t hinder the movie.

Patrick Brice delivers a solid horror/slasher movie, he is no stranger to the genre having directed Creep and its sequel Creep 2. Producers James Wan (The Conjuring franchise) and Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) need no introduction in the horror genre and having their names attached is sure to draw lots of people to the movie. *Note* People giving this movie 1 star, what were you expecting? It’s a teen horror slasher movie not a big blockbuster directed by James Cameron. “Fans” need to have more realistic expectations when going into these modern slasher movies.