Top 5 Chinese Martial Arts Movies

1) Fist Of Fury

Bruce Lee stars as Chen Zen, a martial arts student who returns home when his master is murdered. Bruce Lee choreographed the fight scenes including a famous dojo scene that has gone on to inspire many fight scenes since. If anyone knew how to capture your attention, it was Bruce. 

2) Dragons Forever 

Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, and Sammo Hung at their best. Dragons Forever is an all time favourite. Director Sammo knows his stuff; the finale is one of the best with incredible action from Chan and Benny ‘the Jet’ Urquidez. 

3) Hard Boiled 

John Woo + Chow Yun Fat = ACTION GOLD. The amount of action Woo can put together in one movie is a thing of beauty. When Woo began collaborating with Western producers, his vision became lost and his action was not 100% fulfilled onscreen. He has an incredible filmography behind him and Hard Boiled is definitely a badge of honour for him. 

4) The Man From Nowhere 

This is an underrated gem that needs more love! This movie can easily be compared to Taken, but The Man From Nowhere has more heart – it balances drama and action perfectly. It’s endearing but not for the faint hearted!

5) Operation Red Sea 

Director Dante Lam creates a fun, gung-ho, military movie here with big action sequences. At nearly two and a half hours, it is packed with shootouts, explosions, tension, and adrenaline! The amazing choreography, CGI, and slow-mo are proving Lam to be one of the best action movie directors out there.