Watch Dogs: Legion (2020) Review

°Watch Dogs: Legion
°Open World

Watch Dogs: Legion is a fun open world game that relies on more wits and gadgetry fun rather than the usual hand to hand combatery which gamers are used to, don’t get me wrong, you can go in full guns blazing and taking enemies down like John Wick, but eventually you will get put down, usually quite quick.

Watch Dogs: Legion is set in London which models the city near exactly, just like with Assassins Creed, Ubisoft take your breath away with the jaw dropping scenery and the accuracy of the map.

This entry sets the other apart as you can play as anyone, you can hire people to join your Dedsec squad and immediately play as that character, it’s a  rather refreshing and fun take on the concept of these games, it’s the first I have experienced this and I love it.

As said above you can choose and play as anyone and each character has their own identity and backstory, which makes missions you have to do to earn their trust initially all a new experience, you don’t have to go through a whole ring a round of repetitive and tired missions, Ubisoft scored high on this addition, it makes the game all that more interesting and makes it harder to put the controller down.

The story mode in this had me hooked and I was constantly putting in the hours as I just wanted to explore more, find out more, the opening mission is incredibly fun and felt like something pulled out of a Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible movie, one of the best openers to a game in a long time.

Watch Dogs: Legion will have you hooked from the moment you switch on your console, amazing graphics, great gameplay and fun missions will keep you hooked throughout! This is one to purchase immediately!!