Borrowed Time 3: Falling Apart, Synopsis & Trailer & Production info

After having killed Malandrain, Franck Denard sets out on the trail of the mysterious Wagner who had made him a human guinea pig without his knowledge. But he must first settle scores with Pietro, who has become number one in the Malandrain criminal organization in Europe. Franck will have to face his demons in an attempt to save the people he loves.

Borrowed Time 3 aka Denard 3 is the last part of the Trilogy, “Anatomy of an AntiHero” of award winning actor and producer, Alan Delabie, for which “Denard, Anatomy of An Antihero” received many awards such as:

–Best Male Performance at the AOF Megafest 2021 Las Vega
– Best Action Movie – FilmCon Awards 2021
– Best Action Film and Best Acting Cast ensemble – New York international Film Awards
– Best duo: Alan Delabie and Louis Mandylor and Best Action Film Award of prestige -Vegas Movies Awards 2021
– Best Action Nominee – Paris Film Festival 2021
– Best Action feat. Film and Best Actor and Best Director – Istanbul Film Awards, 2020

Borrowed Time 3, is also co-directed by US famous director David Worth (Director of Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Lady Dragon, Director of Photography of Bronco Billy, The Black Hole, The Night They Saved Christmas).

The cast includes, Alan Delabie , Mark Stas, Matthias Hues,Patrick Kilpatrick, Eric Roberts, Billy Blanks, Louis Mandylor, Costas Mandylor, Affif Ben Badra, Merrick McCartha, Jean Marie Pari & Catriona MacCol

Martial artist, Mark Stas, plays one of the lead characters assigned to help Alan Delabie’s character due to the avsense of Ron Smoorenberg who couldn’t make it over to Europe for shooting, in an exclusive quote to, Action Reloaded, from Mark Stas, he stated “Initially I had a smaller role, but because Ron Smoorenburg couldn’t join the filming in Europe, the producer adapted the script so that my character is much more visible and became one of the leads. In the movie I help the main character, Franck Denard.” he also added, “There are some fight scenes but a lot acting.  I do a great part on the wooden dummy and have 2 fight scenes I choreographed and play in.” Mark went on to finish with saying that “They have made 2/3 of the movie ( which was filmed in Europe ) and still need to film a small part in the USA. Some American actors will join over there like Eric Roberts and Billy Blanks

Stay tuned for the release!