Brit horror ‘Martyrs Lane’ – Shudder Original on DVD & digital 4 July

Acclaimed Brit horror, Martyrs Lane, arrives on DVD and digital 4 July from Acorn Media International. Starring respected actor Denise Gough, this Shudder Original has been certified fresh with 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes and boasts compelling performances. A captivating and evocative exploration of loss, grief, and fear, this psychological thriller conjures the sense of dread of childhood nightmares and isn’t to be missed…

Reminiscent of the core friendship in Let The Right One In… a classic British ghost story

‘Subtle, highly atmospheric and illuminated by surprising love and care… maternal-minded fairy tale’
– The Guardian

‘A slow-burning discomfort that creeps up on the audience like a half-seen shadow… there’s an oppressive sense of menace which is magnified by the high-quality performances from the two young stars’ – Screen Daily

‘Subtle in its scares… imposing in its cinematic mastery’ – Arts Fuse

FOR A night of haunting dread and claustrophobic terror visit Martyrs Lane if you dare. Acclaimed writer and director Ruth Platt (The Black Forrest) brings the chills in this powerful ghost story starring respected actor Denise Gough (Too Close, Guerrilla), that has been certified fresh with 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Now this Shudder Original is set to arrive on UK DVD and digital courtesy of Acorn Media International on 4July 2022.

Leah (Kiera Thompson – The Emily Atack Show) feels like a stranger in her own home – a large, creaky, old Victorian vicarage where she lives with her distant mother Sarah (Gough) and distracted father Thomas (Steven Cree – Outlaw King, Outlander). Leah’s days are spent tip-toeing the house in isolation, where during the night, the dark empty spaces provide plenty of room for her nightmares to creep in.

One night, Leah is visited by a mysterious young girl in a white dress (Hannah Rae – Carmilla, City of Tiny Lights), who offers her a sense of comfort. In the hope that her shadowy guest might be able to answer some questions about Leah’s absent mother, the two girls begin to play a game. But fun quickly becomes fearsome as Leah realises that her guest holds knowledge that could be incredibly dangerous…

Boasting compelling performances from two young actresses, Platt’s ghostly gothic fairy-tale is a highly atmospheric and breathtakingly evocative exploration of loss, grief, and fear. Conjuring the sense of dread of childhood bad dreams, this unsettling yet deeply moving psychological thriller promises exhilarating anxiety and foreboding fear.

Take a trip down Martyrs Lane for a hauntingly intense cinematic fearfest.