Donnie Yen ‘Big Brother’ New Trailer


Donnie Yen is a busy man, with Enter The Fat Dragon, Ip Man 4 and now Big Brother we have no shortage of a kickass Yen fix. Without further ado here is the new trailer for Big Brother.

Big Brother (2018) Synopsis:
Henry Chen (Donnie Yen), who just started working as a high school teacher, is faced with a crisis that his school might be scuttled by the government. As his students are all poor in conducts and academics, Henry has to use unconventional teaching methods and finally manages to tame all of them. Just when everything seems to work out, Henry is faced with another crisis yet again – he becomes the target of criticism and blame. Once again, the battle-hardened veteran has to put aside his teacher identity and set out on an ultimate battle to defend the school..


Synopsis source imdb


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