*EXCLUSIVE* Come And Watch The Latest Rene Perez Movie For Free! A Fan Film Based On Snake Eyes From GI Joe


Genre film maker Rene Perez went out during the lockdown to make a short fan film. Directors making feature films don’t usually downgrade to fan films but
in this case, you’ll be glad he did as Rene has made a ninja fan film based on the GI Joe character of Snake Eyes.
See the full movie below

Starring Beauty Queen Miss Nevada 2020 Victoria Olona as Snake Eyes’ wife and Seventh degree black belt martial artist Juan Manuel Olmedo and title character.

Produced by Joseph Camilleri, this fan film is free to all on youtube in HD and for those wanting to watch in 4k ultra HD, which we suggest you do, see it at Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/446325562

Fan Film

This short film is a fan film based on the popular Hasbro G.I.Joe action figure toy line and comic book series that dominated the 1980’s. This film mainly focuses on one member of the military team, code name : Snake Eyes. Synopsis: The GI Joe am has been disbanded and it’s ninja / commando Snake Eyes is on a desperate mission while being hunted by a strike team of military assassins.

Director Rene Perez and Producer Joseph Camilleri are the same team that made the controversial Insurrection movie in 2019. A film that was blacklisted for it’s anti-woke / anti-hollywood stance and is only available for a limited time on Amazon.


Perez is back to his regular work filming a western called “Righteous Blood” with Michael Pare and Emily Whitcomb.


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