Forbidden Power (2018)

I got the opportunity to watch a screener recently for Forbidden Power.

Forbidden Power is a low budget Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller. The story centres around a man named George (Lincoln Bevers) who has a one night stand with a Native American girl named Victoria (Nasanin Nuri). In the morning she is gone and all that’s left is a message on the mirror. George soon finds that he has been left with some mystical powers, he can see without his glasses on along with gaining more strength and becoming faster and smarter. A bonus for George is that his libido is non-stop, equivalent to a human jackhammer.

The movie itself is very low budget, but the idea behind it is actually quite good. Having super powers transmitted through sex. It makes a change from the usual chemical accident, being bitten or scratched or being scientifically altered. The acting is choppy in parts and the characters don’t grab you right away, it took me a while to get fully invested in the movie, but once invested I was there for keeps. Lincoln Bevers and Nasanin Nuri had great chemistry when on screen together. It’s hard to get into any depth without giving to much away. My favourite character had to be Chang (Harry Mok). Chang is a martial arts instructor who teaches George some self defence moves and has a very interesting back story that I would like to see a separate story about.

The ending of the movie leaves us with a cliffhanger, its very open for a sequel and it leaves a whole universe to be explored. The stories it could spawn could be endless. Director Paul Kyriazi (who also wrote the script) has definitely made a story that can be told over a couple more movies..

Overall bare in mind it’s not a big budget movie, it’s still interesting, the fight choreography isn’t appealing and hardcore fans of fight scenes will be disappointed. There’s some bad CGI but all movies seem to have that these days. The story is really what carries the movie, but with a bigger budget this movie could mount up to a badass franchise. Its worth checking out.


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