Memory (2022) Review

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Starring: Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, Monica Bellucci, and Harold Torres. 

Synopsis: MEMORY follows Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson), an expert assassin with a reputation for discreet precision. Caught in a moral quagmire, Alex refuses to complete a job that violates his code and must quickly hunt down and kill the people who hired him before they and FBI agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) find him first. Alex is built for revenge but, with a memory that is beginning to falter, he is forced to question his every action, blurring the line between right and wrong.

Liam Neeson is back at his best in Martin Campbell’s latest action thriller, Memory.

Memory is Neeson’s best movie in a years and has him in fine form. Neeson delivers a great performance and brings his character Alex to life. Memory also features some satisfying action pieces. While the action pieces may not be hard and heavy they happen at the right moments and tie into the story.

Neeson stars as Alex Lewis a highly skilled assassin, one of the best in his line of work. After failing to conduct a hit, Alex is pursued by both cops and crooks who are closing in fast but the only problem is Alex is suffering from alzheimers which is affecting his judgement and making him second guess every move he makes. The transition from contract killer to a vulnerable man who is lost and doesn’t understand what is happening around him is a contrast Neeson transitions between so well.

The main storyline focuses on familiar Neeson territory, Sex Trafficking. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is Taken, as it is not. There is an entanglement of politics, corruption and double crossing that keeps us hooked until the credits role.

Monica Bellucci is on villainous duties as Davana, her character is cold, ruthless and evil, she is essentially the head of the trafficking ring and is untouchable. It is great to see Moncia embrace the role and deliver a hate envoking performance. You’re ultimately awaiting her demise.

Guy Pearce has never been better, he brings an incredible performance to the table as Vincent a detective who is on the trail of the traffickers but when someone he cares for is murdered he is hellbent on seeking justice, this is where he crosses paths with Neeson’s Lewis. Though they are on opposite sides of the law, the mutual respect they have for each other and the fact that end up on the same path has them deliver some great scenes.

Director, Martin Campbell is no stranger to the action genre he has directed some memorable movies such as Goldeneye, Casino Royale and The Foreigner. Memory showcases that Campbell knows how to direct a solid action thriller and keep audiences hooked. He always manages to bring out the best in the actors he works with and here alongside Neeson he has Monica Bellucci and Guy Pearce who deliver knockout performances.

Overall, Neeson sells his performance and makes Memory his best movie to date. Martin Campbell needs to direct Taken 4, Martin is the man who can bring a satisfying close to the story of Mills. Memory is a dark, action thriller driven by two forces that ultimately collide, revenge and justice.

Memory delivers some great action scenes and a satisfying finale. Action fans will be happy.