Run, Hide, Fight (2021) Review

Directed By: Kyle Rankin

Starring: Isabel May, Thomas Jane, Radha Mitchell & Treat Williams.

Synopsis: Zoe Hull, 17, has some unresolved issues. She’s not coping well with the recent death of her mother, sometimes chatting with her mom as if she’s still there. She resents her ex military father for his seeming lack of emotion, but wears his army jacket every day like armor. Her best friend Lewis just asked her to prom, wanting their relationship to become something more than she can handle. All Zoe wants is to get through the last few weeks of her senior year and leave off to college and a fresh start. Instead, her high school is attacked by four nihilistic, gun toting students, who plan to make their siege the worst school shooting in history.
The killers quickly gain control and round up survivors at gunpoint turning an active shooting into a hostage situation and keeping police at bay. The ringleader, Tristan, captures the events via internet livestream, gaining the worldwide fame he craves. Using the skills her dad taught her, Zoe manages to escape, but risks her life to
go back inside. With no plan and running on instinct, she saves who she can… until realizing she may be uniquely prepared not just to help others run and hide, but to face down the shooters and fight.

Review: Run, Hide, Fight is a nail biting edge of your seat action/thriller that doesn’t hold back on such a very controversial subject, presenting a somewhat realistic depiction of the trauma and fear people end up going through in these situations both inside and outside the school.

Our lead in the movie is Zoe portrayed by Isabel May, she delivers an outstanding performance and really gets the chance to showcase her acting abilities. Isabel manages to deliver on every emotional range thrown at her and as her character goes through the ringer her acting only gets stronger. Her performance has you captivated and invested from the start.

Thomas Jane fans will be delighted to know that while only being a supporting character, Thomas does get to have a brief action scene which is every bit worth the wait and doesn’t take away from the movies tense filled setting.

Social media plays a big part of the movie as the gun toting teens who take over the school want the events to be live streamed. The initial first attack is haunting and you can’t help but feel the fear people must go through, it is such a scary thought and really does rattle your nerves.

Run, Hide, Fight is terrifyingly realistic and our hero Zoe has no super powers and is just an average girl fighting back…fighting to survive. The movie has you on the edge of your seat and does often have you screaming at the TV. Run, Hide, Fight delivers a solid thriller with an unbelievably talented cast who carry the film through with outstanding performances, making for an edge of your seat pulse pounding ride.


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