Survive The Night (2021) Review

Directed by: James Cullen Bressack

Starring: Bruce Willis & Chad Michael Murray

Synopsis: When a drug bust goes horribly wrong, David (Bruce Willis – Die Hard) , a decorated cop, finds himself at the mercy of a drug cartel. As the violent gang seeks refuge on farmland they soon discover one man (Chad Michael Murray – Riverdale) with a deadly aim who stands between them and freedom.

Review: Chad Michael Murray reunites with Bruce Willis for, Survive The Game, which is not a sequel to the first movie Chad & Bruce starred in titled Survive The Night.

Bruce Willis teams up with director, James Cullen Bressack for this action thriller!

Bruce plays a top cop who gets wounded and finds himself bound to a chair on a farm, his only help is the resident of the farm, a former military man who has nothing to live for since losing his wife and child, but he will defend all he has left, his home.

There is plenty of action and while Bruce doesn’t take centre stage, it’s fun watching Chad Michael Murray turn into an action hero (I previously remember him from the series One Tree Hill) and kick some ass, though he did play a badass in the horror-slasher, House Of Wax.

James Cullen Bressack is finding his footing in the action genre and you can see he is enjoying working with stars of the past, he has previously worked with Seagal, this time he has teamed up with Willis and his next movie is with Gibson, things are looking great for James in the genre and I can’t wait to see his next release!