The 2nd (2020)

Directed By: Brian Skiba

Starring: Ryan Phillipe, Casper Van Dien, Jack Griffo, Lexi Simonsen & Samaire Armstrong

Synopsis: While picking his son up from college, Secret Service Agent Vic Davies finds himself in the middle of a high stakes terrorist operation and now must use his entire set of skills against the armed faction.

Review: I loved the series Shooter which had Ryan Phillipe in the starring role so when the time came to watch him use his skill set again i was pumped.

The 2nd is a throwback to old school action movies, simple plot layered with some fights every other minute. Whether it be a fist fight or gun battle we are treated to a very generous serving.

Ryan Phillipe plays Vic Davies, ex Green Beret. This character is destined to be a hit, Phillipe brings a badass to life. Vic Davies is well trained in hand to hand combat and with guns.

Casper Van Dien plays our villain simply known as The Driver. It was quite odd seeing Van Dien play a villain and i loved it. His character was cold and ruthless.

Action fans can rest assured this movie is all old school practical effects, no CGI. Lower budget movies these days are presenting themselves more fun than big budget blockbusters of now. The age of shit getting blown up is coming to an end and directors like Brian Skiba are trying keep it alive and make the same old school badassery movies the majority of us like.

The movie was a blast! Everything from the characters, the action set pieces, the story etc was all fun. Bring on the sequel and lets make this a franchise!


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