The Expendables: A Christmas Story


Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone are already set to return for the spin-off. The catch being that Statham is now the lead and Sly will be supporting character. In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Jaa, are attached to the project and are simply waiting to see how the pieces come together.

Stallone’s role will be an emotional one for fans and despite not having many scenes compared to previous installments, his presence will be felt throughout the film.

In all honesty I thought the franchise would have taken this route eventually, Having Statham lead the cast. I have no objections and I look forward too see what comes of the material.

On the note of being an ’emotional one’ on Sly’s part I’m wondering will Barney be killed off and this be a revenge flick or will Barney take on the role that Mickey Rourke played in the original movie.



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