The Fog (1980) – Beware of what lurks in the Fog

Directed by: John Carpenter

Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Atkins, Janet Leigh, Charles Cyphers and Hal Holbrook.

Synopsis: It tells the story of a strange, glowing fog that sweeps over a small coastal town in California, bringing with it the vengeful ghosts of mariners who were killed in a shipwreck there 100 years before.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill brought us Halloween, and now they’re back with the eerie horror classic, The Fog.

A small seaside town called Antonio Bay is attacked by ghosts in The Fog. On the eve of Antonio Bay’s centennial celebration, a strange fog rolls out to sea, bringing inanimate objects to life. Then everything seems to return to normal. By the following day, it becomes clear what the fog really is. Adrienne Barbeau portrays Stevie Wayne, the owner and night-time presenter of the local radio station, relaying the fog’s progress to her listeners. Although the film takes its time to build its story and focuses more on atmosphere than overplayed gore, the scares are certainly enough to make you jump when they occur!

Visually, the fog is extremely creepy and disturbing. It’s really quite effective how the fog conceals shapes that create a sense of mystery and terror. The Fog is almost as if Carpenter started with one really disturbing idea and then built the rest of the film around it. The majority of kills are implied and there is little gore. It wasn’t necessary to have blood and guts in a horror film to scare people, as Carpenter proved with Halloween. 

What’s in the Fog!

As the fog seeps under and around the door frames, around the windows and through the keyhole of the door, it makes for an uneasy viewing experience. Carpenter always portrays the fear of the unknown in a way that makes the audience feel vulnerable.

John Carpenter’s cast of horror regulars performs well throughout the film, and you shouldn’t expect anything less from them. This film has some of the best cinematography, with many iconic moments and set pieces.

There will be hairs standing on the back of your neck when you listen to Carpenter’s fantastic score.


With their revamp of this much-loved classic, Studio Canal has managed to make it as visually and audibly stunning as possible for old and new fans alike.

Rating: 4 out of 5.