The Ice Road (2022) Review

Directed by: Jonathan Hensleigh

Starring: Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishburne & Amber Midthunder

Synopsis: After a remote diamond mine collapses in far northern Canada, a ‘big-rig’ ice road driver (Neeson) must lead an impossible and deadly rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save the trapped miners. Contending with thawing waters and a massive storm, they discover the real threat is one they never saw coming. This is Die Hard… on ice!

Review: Liam Neeson returns in this high octane adventure, which sees him channel his inner Ice Road Trucker.

While billed as Die Hard on ice, I would have to disagree. The movie is great fun, it doesn’t quite fall into that ‘Die Hard on/in’ category.

Jonathan Hensleigh directs this adrenaline-filled ride. Jonathan is no stranger when it comes to putting the best ingredients into an action movie, being involved with such hits like Armageddon, Con-Air, Die Hard With A Vengeance & The Punisher to name a few, we know we are in for a good time and in safe hands. Jonathan proves he still has what it takes to deliver a solid action movie!

Neeson plays a ‘big rig’ driver and his particular set of skills are, he’s a damned good big rig driver, fighting wise, he can hold his own but he’s not a killing machine like previous characters he’s played. Neeson has such charisma on screen and after his hit action/thriller, Taken, Neeson has been a box office draw for many action fans. Though Neeson will always be a go-to he does look very stiff at some points and his running scenes have been looking quite tiresome since Taken 3. With that being said, he knows how to deliver some threatening lines and monologues in his movies, it’s always a crowd cheering moment.

Laurence Fishburne is always great to watch on screen, he has such a commanding presence and can play any type of character with ease, whether be a sympathetic father or a psychotic killer Fishburne always puts on a sensational performance, this is no exception, though his character could have done with some more screen time.

The action scenes are quite impressive, mainly the scenes involving the trucks, we get some astounding practical stunts on the ice. The Ice Road also has the curse of some dodgy CGI, namely the avalanche sequence, which we can excuse of course!

Overall The Ice Road was a fun watch with some spectacular truck stunt sequences, though Neeson is showing signs of slowing down, I am more than happy to sit through any action movie he churns out, just like I do with Bruce Willis.