Deadlock (2021) Review

Directed by: Jared Cohn

Starring: Patrick Muldoon & Bruce Willis

Synopsis: Wanted criminal Ron Whitlock leads a rogue team of mercenaries on a mission of vengeance. Convinced that the government is working against them, the merciless group brutally seizes an energy plant and holds everyone inside hostage. With a nearby town on the brink of massive flooding and destruction, it’s up to a retired Army ranger to save thousands of innocent lives before it’s too late

Review: Jared Cohn brings Bruce back to his Die Hard esque roots, but puts him in the villains shoes for action thriller, Deadlock.

Bruce Willis takes on the role of Ron Whitlock – a ruthless mercenary who is on a quest for revenge after his son is murdered. Bruce has always played an interesting villain, Ron Whitlock is no exception, Bruce seems to relish playing the villain role. Willis comes to life racking up a body count and being his ruthless best.

Patrick Muldoon plays our hero, Mack, a former Army Ranger who works as a wielder and nurses hangovers, once Bruce and his goons attack it doesn’t take long for Mack to revert to doing what he does best. Muldoon is clearly having a blast plays the action hero, he gets to rack up a body count and engage in numerous hand-to-hand fight scenes, something that Muldoon does with ease, showcasing his martial arts abilities.

Matthew Marsden is on hand to assist Bruce Willis’s hostile takeover, it’s clear Marsden is having fun kicking ass and taking names.

Michael DeVorzon – a frequent collaborator with Jared Cohn -, gets to trade insults with Bruce, DeVirzons character is stuck on the inside with the deadly mercenaries and gets to deliver some great verbal battery.

Overall, Director Jared Cohn is clearly having fun with Deadlock, making a throwback movie to a classic era of the action B-movie scene. Patrick Muldoon tears up the screen and leaves you wanting more ‘Muldoon Mayhem’, DeVorzon and Marsden sign, seal and deliver which isn’t a surprise, these guys never dial-in a performance. Bruce Willis makes a great villain, and it’s always great to see him on screen, whether it’s a lead, support or cameo performance, he’s always welcome.