Witness Number 3 (2022) Thrilling from start to finish

DVD box art for the series Witness Number 3

Witness Number 3 sees hairdresser Jodie [Nina Toussaint-White] who provides testimony when she witnesses a crime being committed, but the gang members make her life intolerable by engaging in a campaign of harassment and threats.

Once the police arrive to assist Jodie it’s hard to distinguish if their corrupt or not as some of the things they do indicate they’re open to Jodie disappearing. It’s a constant guessing game.

Witness Number 3 is a fantastic four-part series that is well-paced, dramatic, and fulfilling in the end. It combines thriller, mystery, and horror elements; the earliest episodes are very unsettling, and you wonder whether they would discourage individuals from coming forward if they witnessed such events. 

The third episode is amazing and it demonstrates some genuine acting talent from the cast. This episode is the peak of the series, it excels this nail biting thriller. 

Each episode builds on itself and creates a story that will keep you immersed. Four episodes is enough to keep our thirst quenched but leaves us wanting a little more. This is a sure sign the series is a winner. 

I felt the acting was excellent, and it was wonderful to see Nina Touasaint-White in the starring role. Nina’s character Jodie is a character we can root for! 

Witness Number 3, was definitely a hit and is probably the best TV channel has put out in year’s!