10 Fire Breathing Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson Movies


Another Top 10!! This time we shift our focus onto undefeated kickboxing sensation Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson.

Don Wilson is not just the average martial arts action star, he is a hands down legitimate badass, Don or should I say The Dragon is an American 11-time professional kickboxing world champion ( that’s correct people…11 time) who scored 47 knockouts in four decades, a European Martial Arts Hall of Famer. He has been called by the STAR System Ratings as “Perhaps the greatest kickboxer in American history. He has disposed of more quality competition than anyone we’ve ever ranked.

Don’s fight career went from 1975 right up until 2011!! The man is indestructible. Don’s record for Kickboxing is

82 Fights

72 Wins

48 By Knockout

5 Losses

2 Draws

3 No Contest

Without further delay here is my Top 10 (In no Particular order) Recommendations of Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson.

10. Bloodfist VI: Groundzero (1994)

Don Wilson plays Nick Corrigan who is a Courier for the Air Force. Nick is sent to deliver a message to a nuclear missile base which happens to be in a remote location. What Nick doesn’t know is the base has been taken over by terrorists and they have killed everyone inside. When Nick realises what has happened he must single handedly stop the terrorists from getting the launch codes, what the terrorists don’t know is that this annoying courier is a former navy seal.

9. Night Hunter (1996)

This time Wilson goes action, martial arts and horror. Wilson stars as Jack Cutter the last in a long line of vampire hunters, having obtained a book of all the vampires in america, Jack only has four names left until he has cleansed America. Once Jack eliminates the last four, if you thought that was as the end of it….you would be wrong. The Master Vampire sends four of the best Vampires from around the world to kill Jack.

8. Bloodfist (1989)

Don Wilson stars as Jake Raye in his first leading role, Jake is a former kickboxing champ who now runs a Dojo and teaches self defense. Jake gets a phone call informing him that his brother was murdered after an underground fight. Jake flies to Manila to bring his brother home, upon being there Jake learns he maybe able to find his brother’s killer if he enters the deadly underground fighting circuit.

7. Ring Of Fire 2: Blood & Fire (1993)

Don Wilson returns as Johnny Woo, this film sees kickass machine Johnny battling to save his fiancé from a gang who have the own ‘underground’ city named The Underground. It has its own laws and guns are prohibited. Johnny along with his ex gang venture down to the underground to rescue his fiancé, what Johnny doesn’t know is that the gang wants to have Johnny fight in their own tournaments to the death.

6. Cyber Tracker (1994)

Eric (Don Wilson) is a secret agent working for a Senator who is the main backer of a new kind of law enforcement agent known as The Tracker. The Tracker is meant to be a perfect invulnerable android. When Eric finds out the Senator is up to no good, he has the Senators security Chief and an army of Trackers after him.

5. Red Sun Rising ( 1994)

Tough Japanese Detective Thomas Hoshino (Don Wilson) tracks his partners killer the Yakuza most deadly assassin Jaho to Los Angeles, Thomas then teams up with Detective Karen Ryder, together they find out that the Yakuza are smuggling weapons and getting set for a gang war.

4. Bloodfist 3: Forced To Fight (1992)

Don Wilson returns to the Bloodfist franchise. But there’s a catch this time he plays a different character called Jimmy Boland. Jimmy ended up in prison after a bar fight went wrong. Jimmy ends up killing the leader of a gang in self defense. Now the rest of the gang want to kill him. A white supremacist gang offer to watch over Jimmy, he refuses and now they want his blood. With nowhere to run or hide Jimmy is Forced To Fight.

3. Out For Blood (1992)

Don Wilson channels his inner Punisher here as John Decker a successful lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. After John’s family is murdered he vows revenge on the criminals that did it and any other criminal that gets in his way.

2. Bloodfist 2 (1990)

Champion Kickboxer Jake Raye (Don Wilson) is back and at his best. After his opponent dies in the ring Jake quits the sport. Two years go by and Jake is contacted by an old friend in Manila who needs help getting out the country. Jake being loyal goes to Manila to escort his friend to safety, only to be drugged and taken away. When Jake comes to he finds himself chained to other fighters who are going to be forced to fight to the death against fighters who have been taking a super steroid that makes them super strength and makes them immune to pain.

1. Blackbelt (1992)

Jack Dillon (Don Wilson) is an ex cop who now runs his own martial arts Dojo. Jack also works as somewhat of a P.I. helping those who feel they can’t go to the police. When an up and coming singer recieves a finger in her mail she turns to Jack for help. It doesn’t help that Shanna’s music backer is a mob boss who doesn’t like Jack being around, as he wants Shanna to sign a contract with him and Jack knows better. He sends all his goons Jack’s way. But they’re not the real threat. The real threat is the crazed obsessed fan John Sweet, who we discover is behind all the carnage and is also a murderous ex mercenary trained in martial arts.


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