303 Squadron (2019) Review


303 Squadron Review

Directed By: Denis Delic

Synopsis: The incredible and historically accurate story of how the Polish pilots of 303 Squadron, forgotten legends of World War II, turned the tide during one of the most seminal battles of the war and helped pave the road to victory.

Overcoming odds at every turn, these heroes performed extreme airborne manoeuvres to hit enemy targets, becoming the highest scoring Hurricane squadron during the Battle of Britain. No one flew quite like them and their extraordinary skills and courage are revered to this day.


I haven’t seen the other movie based on The Battle Of Britain titled ‘Hurricane’. So unlike other reviews that have compared the two, this is a comparison I can’t make.

The opening of the film is visually stunning with Spitfire planes soaring through the sky. The special effects for the aircraft are very well done and look stunning, especially during combat and flying in formations. It’s almost like a ballet in the sky.

The first part of the movie has the Polish pilots proving themselves to the British, in order to get their rightful seat in the aircraft and the second is them preparing to battle for their homeland. The Polish are shown to be brave, courageous and courteous which I thought was great and really does get you rooting for them, they seemed to be the under dogs in everyones eyes. The only slight complaint I would have is the over use of flashback sequences which somewhat took away from the movie. The characters themselves we get invested in and root for them. The actors and actresses done a superb job and Denis Delic made a superb war movie.

Overall I would say give this movie a blast stunning special effects with the aerial scenes, amazing performances from the cast. Its always a pleasure to watch these old aircraft grace the skies and its not often a well made movie about aerial combat is made.


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