Action / Horror director Rene Perez is back for Blood with ‘The Vampire & The Vigilante’


Here are the first images from the in production action / horror movie titled “The Vampire and the Vigilante” Starring Michael Pare, Emily Whitcomb Samantha Kruse and is Produced by Joseph Camilleri. 

Michael Pare is known for classics like ‘Eddy and the Cruisers’ and ‘Streets of Fire’ and has made countless appearances since the 80’s. 

Rene Perez is the One Man Film Crew master best know for ‘Cry Havoc’ , ‘Death Kiss’ and the blacklisted political thriller ‘The Insurrection’ 

The Vampire and the Vigilante is filming now.

Starring Michael Paré , Emily Whitcomb & Samantha Kruse

Produced by Joseph Camilleri Written & Directed by Rene Perez Music by the Darkest Machines

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