County Line (2017) Review

Directed By: Shea Sizemore

Starring: Tom Wopat, Patricia Richardson, and Jeff Fahey

Synopsis: When Sheriff Clint Thorne, is gunned down, friend and former neighbouring county sheriff, Alden Rockwell is left with many questions. After the investigation stalls, Alden uncovers a web of crime, deceit, and corruption that spreads through two counties. Caught in a deadly criminal network with no backup and no badge Alden must find out who’s behind this criminal enterprise, even if some lines must be crossed.

Review: Tom Wopat stars as tough ex-Sheriff Alden Rockwell. When Alden uncovers a conspiracy between his town and the next which is run by Aldens best friend Sheriff Clint Thorne played by the charismatic Jeff Fahey, Alden does some private investigating which leads him down a rabbit hole of betrayal and deciet.

Tom and Jeff play our two leads Alden and Clint have been buddies since they enlisted in the army during the Vietnam war era, the chemistry between Wopat and Fahey is a highlight of the movie and adds the buddy-cop element to it, a diner heist scene will have fans cheering for the pair of them as they foil a heist with some witty banter and their fists.

The movie has a fun story and the runtime catches up on you quite quickly. County Line would have made a great series, it features a good story with likeable characters you root for and Tom has stellar leading man gruffness.

County Line is family-friendly which is a bonus as all can watch it, there is a family element that runs through the movie and has light-hearted humour, it is reminiscent of The Dukes Of Hazzard in terms of viewership.

County Line is a fun modern western made for the whole family filled with lighthearted action, wise-cracking cops and a fun thrilling whodunit story that will keep you guessing until the big reveal.