Daniel Zirilli – Our Final Interview

Daniel, it’s fantastic to have you here. Let’s start with ‘Renegades Theme,’ the theme song for the ensemble movie. How did your partnership with rapper Shug Jackson come about, and what was the
creative process like when working on this exciting project?

You have a remarkable background as a music video director, having worked with legendary artists like The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and NWA. Could you share some memorable moments from working with these iconic figures and how those experiences have influenced your work in the film industry?”

Speaking of collaborations, what was it like working with Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror on ‘Invincible’? This film seemed to fly under the radar for many. Are there any specific aspects of the movie that
you felt deserved more attention, and is it true that you were unhappy with the version that was released? Could you shed some light on what got cut from the film?”

I’m really excited to hear about your upcoming film, ‘Phoenix,’ starring Randy Couture. Can you tell us a bit about the film’s premise and your experience working with Randy? Did the filming of ‘Phoenix’
coincide with his role in ‘EX4?

When it comes to ‘Phoenix’ or any of your films, do you have full creative control over the final product, including the editing process? How important is creative autonomy to you as a director?”

As someone who has directed both music videos and movies, which do you find more challenging, and what unique aspects or skills are required for each? Are there any lessons from your music video career
that have been particularly valuable in your filmmaking journey?”

Finally, looking ahead, what other exciting projects do you have in the works, and are there any dream collaborations or genres you’d like to explore in the future?