Escape Plan 2 & 3 Synopsis


I have come across the synopsis for Escape Plan 2 & 3 online. Without further ado….

Escape Plan 2: Hades
Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) manages an elite team of security specialists trained in the art of breaking people out of the world’s most impenetrable prisons. When his most trusted operative, Shu Ren, is kidnapped and disappears inside the most elaborate prison ever built, entirely computerized and constantly changing shape, Ray must track him down with the help of some of his former friends.

Source: Film Catalogue

Escape Plan 3: Devils Station
In this installment, the daughter of a Hong Kong tech executive goes missing in what appears to be a routine ransom job. As Breslin (Stallone) and his crew delve deeper, they discover the culprit is the deranged son of one of their former foes, who also kidnapped the woman in Breslin’s life, and is holding her inside the massive prison known as Devil’s Station.

Source: Wikipedia

They both sound rather interesting, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson reprises his role from the first movie in parts 2&3. Dave Bautista is also coming aboard in parts 2&3. Another casting rumor was Hong Kong star Vincent Zhao in Escape Plan 3 along with Russell Wong.


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