Event Horizon – Exclusive 4K steelbook review

Directed by: Paul Anderson

Starring:  Laurence FishburneSam NeillKathleen Quinlan and Joely Richardson

Synopsis: Seven years ago, pioneering research spacecraft “Event Horizon” mysteriously vanished without a trace on its maiden voyage. But then, in the darkness of deep space, a persistent signal prompts a crew to make their way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. What they uncover is an unimaginable interstellar horror that will test the entire team’s sanity and souls.

Picture showcasing the Blu-ray steelbook of Event Horizon. The movie is released by Paramount Pictures.

A haunted ship. A missing crew. An infinite evil.

Event Horizon has the reputation of being the marmite of Sci-fi horror movies, you either love or hate it. Having got the opportunity to dive into deep space with this newly released 4K Steelbook here’s my review.

The story begins in the year 2047, a ship called The Event Horizon reappears having disappeared seven years previous. When a crew lead by Miller (Laurence Fishburne – John Wick franchise) set out to see if there is anyone alive on-board the ship, they begin to have psychological hallucinations and realise they’re not alone. 

Not a cheap clone

Event Horizon is more than just a knock-off of the movie Alien, something it is often compared with. Event Horizon builds on the crew’s paranoia and builds the tension and anxiety, leaving the audience gripped to their seats, immersed in the claustrophobic atmosphere. 

What makes Event Horizon amazing is that it’s a standalone movie, it doesn’t rely on a unstoppable killer or an alien, the unknown is slowly taking them over and this leads to their demise which makes the movie a lot scarier. Audiences will be fooled into thinking this is an adaptation of a Clive Barker novel as the Hellraiser vibes are frequent throughout, but this isn’t the case. Event Horizon would essentially be The Shining meets Hellraiser in space.

Event Horizon is director Paul Anderson finest hour, since this he has directed the Resident Evil movies and Alien Vs Predator. If he had the same zest he had when making Event Horizon, Alien Vs Predator could have been an absolute gem! 

Dare you dive into deep space?

Event Horizon has an amazing eerie, creepy music score and features some great cinematography, at first glance you would assume this was a James Cameron or Ridley Scott production. The atmosphere of this movie sets the tone of the film and doesn’t rely on gore to shock audiences. This is a must watch!

The Limited-Edition 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray SteelBook features exclusive slipcase packaging, the feature film on a 4K Ultra HD disc with Dolby Vision™ and HDR-10, access to a digital copy of the film, as well as the following legacy bonus content on Blu-ray Disc:

  • Commentary by director Paul W.S. Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt
  • The Making of Event Horizon – 5 Documentaries
  • The Point of No Return – the filming of Event Horizon with director commentary
  • Secrets – deleted & extended scenes with selectable director commentary
  • The Unseen Event Horizon
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Video Trailer

Rating: 4 out of 5.