*Exclusive* Bronzi Vs Werewolves! 100 Acres Producer Brings Us The Beast Comes At Midnight

Photo Courtesy Of Ed McKeever

Producer of 100 Acres Ed McKeever brings us another horror delight. This time he reunites with ‘Bronzi’ to take on Werewolves in The Beast Comes At Midnight!

True Crime obsessed Middle School Outcast anonymously hosts a weekly Conspiracy Podcast that is quickly growing in popularity. His investigation of an unsolved serial killer leads him to the possibility that his town is in the grips of an even greater threat. A hideous Beast that hunts by the light of the Full Moon. Nobody believes him but a popular Cheerleader and a Sideshow Fortune Teller who may be hiding his past as a Cold War era Monster Hunter.

Cast: Kylissa Katalinich as Mary, Michael Ashley McKeever as Tuffand &. Robert Bronzi as Andras The Hunter.

Kylissa Katalinich Photo Courtesy Of Ed McKeever
Michael Ashley McKeever Photo Courtesy Of Ed McKeever

Filming is expected to start summer through to fall in Tampa Florida.

We will post more news as we hear it!


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