**Exclusive To The Action Reloaded** Rene Perez Q&A On ‘Cry Havoc’ The Fourth Entry In The Playing With Dolls Franchise


1) what was the shooting schedule for Cry Havoc

I get 4 months to make each movie. This one was no different.

2) Cry Havoc is the fourth in the franchise and we are still learning more about Havoc and The Voyeur. Are there plans to continue the story?
I would love to continue. As long as the fans want these, I’ll keep making them.
3) Would you ever consider moving the location and having Havoc venture into a small town?
Only if he escapes. As you know, Havoc doesn’t have free reign. He is a kept prisoner and only goes where he is allowed to go.
4) you and Bronzi seem to be quite the dream team, can we expect more collaborations in the future?
Bronzi and I have made a good team so far. We’re filming a western movie now and I do have a few more planned for the future as well.


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