Halloween Ends – Novel – An EPIC Finale and Outstanding Read

Author: Paul Brad Logan

Synopsis: The town of Haddonfield still lives in the shadow of Michael Myers. It has been four years since he mysteriously vanished. As Laurie attempts to put the tragedies of her past behind her, Allyson is desperate to get away from life with her grandmother in the dead-end town scorched by bloodshed.

When local outcast Corey Cunningham discovers the truth of Michael’s whereabouts, he inadvertently unleashes a new wave of violence. With Haddonfield once more the backdrop to murderous impulses, Allyson endeavours to escape as Laurie prepares for one final confrontation with her boogeyman.

A gripping tale of redemption, love and murder

I couldn’t wait for the novelization of Halloween Ends to be released. There are always extras in novelizations of movies that weren’t in the movie, and this is no exception. As the screenwriter of Halloween Ends, Paul Brad Logan gets to expand some scenes and add some really thrilling, edge of your seat moments. 

Picking up where Kills left off

In Halloween Ends, the story takes off where Kills left off and we meet a fatally wounded Michael Myers who makes his grand escape, and we learn what he was doing in his ‘missing’ years.  This segment of the story would have been amazing on-screen. The audience would have seen Michael wounded yet still deadly and it would have paid homage to a classic scene from the original movie. *You’ll know when you read it*

Hobo’s backstory

Throughout the story we learn how the hobo survived in close proximity to Michael, and we see the arc of his character, another nice addition to the story and serves us some great moments. The hobo was a fascinating character in the movie as the audience knew he had so much to give to the story and his character also conjured up loads of questions.

Epic Finale will deliver CHILLS!

As Michael tries to retrieve his mask from Corey, we follow his journey in the final chapter. It would have been great if that whole segment had been included in the film. There were moments of Michael standing and watching in the shadows which had played upon the vibes of the original movie.

The ending of the book takes a different approach to the movie. The ending of the novel leaves a dark feeling looming and it serves the whole narrative of what this series is and has become.

Halloween Ends has divided fans but with this companion book, fans may be able to understand the vision of the finale a little better and garner some appreciation. The book is perfect and has some of the best moments from The Shape and the Halloween novel series included in it.


Halloween Ends is an amazing read, I devoured it in one sitting and was hooked from start to finish! This book has it all: Michael’s mythology, hints of his evil, Laurie’s struggles after ’78, and the staring out the window. This book has everything fans could want and having the screen writer of the movie write the novel, we get the perfect send off to this epic saga.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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