The Shed – A frightening Tale from Lampkin Lane

Directed by: Eva Hamilton & The MoonCats

Starring: Eva Hamilton & Stacey Nelkin

Synopsis: A struggling escort responds to an advertisement for a Housesitter, only to discover the subverted agenda of a desperate Mother, who will do anything to “feed” her monstrous son.

Stacey Nelkin, star of Halloween: Season of the Witch joins new age scream queen Eva Hamilton in the horror short, The Shed. 

Eva Hamilton portrays Whitney, an escort who feels trapped in a profession she doesn’t want. A house sitter ad catches Whitney’s eye and she jumps at the chance to meet Barbera, played by Season of the Witch’s Stacey Nelkin.

Once Whitney starts settling into the house and making herself at home but there is an unknown presence watching her from a distance. 

Throwback to the classic era of the horror genre

The Shed pays homage to the classic Carpenter era of horror. Classic movie easter eggs are scattered throughout such as Lampkin Lane is where the house is located. There is no doubt that this movie is part of the canon of Halloween films. This is the world Carpenter imagined, the night of Halloween portrayed in different tales.

In the opening credits, we are greeted by ‘Halloween Universe’ style writing along with a soundtrack that is reminiscent of Carpenter’s soundtrack but with its own unique sound that doesn’t sound like carbon copy. 

There are some suspenseful moments in The Shed that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. In the shadows, you will constantly be on the lookout for something lurking or moving. 

Powerhouse performances

Eva Hamilton plays Whitney in The Shed incredibly well, exuding scream queen/final girl status. Taking the reins of this movie and delivering an incredible performance, Eva is a very talented actress. The expressions, movements, and facial reactions of her character convey her reactions and emotions without speaking a word. Eva makes this look effortless despite the fact that it would be quite a challenge to accomplish. 

Stacey Nelkin returns to the horror roots since Halloween: Season of the Witch and she delivers a top performance, her character is very much like Mrs. Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise, Nelkin delivers in every aspect and brings her character to life. 

Runtime = An EPIC sprint

The downside to the movie is of course the runtime, at 22 minutes. But in those 22 minutes The Shed accomplishes so much. It delivers a story that will keep you hooked, tension that will keep you at the edge of your seat, a soundtrack that screams old-school Carpenter and music cues that will lift you out of your seat. 


The Shed is a fanatic movie, it has all the right ingredients to make a series of short movies that are directly connected to the Carpenter Universe of Halloween. 

Using fog and lighting to create an eerie atmosphere with camera angles that suggest more is happening in scenes, the cinematography is on point. As a result of the atmosphere, you are almost transported into a trance for the duration of the movie. You feel like you’re watching the Silver Shamrock commercial. Your eyes are glued to the screen. 

This movie is the perfect example of Eva Hamilton and the MoonCats’ incredible creative talent because it can stand on its own two feet and live in the same universe as the original Halloween. I look forward to their next movie and hope that it is set in the same universe. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.