Harry Mok Interview

Hello Harry, a big welcome to The Action Reloaded, I have to say after watching Forbidden Power your character ended up being my favourite. How did you get involved with this project?

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your kind remarks. The director Paul K. Is a long time friend of mine and I have worked with him multiple times. So, when this project came up, he made it a point to write me in the film.

Your character is badass, you seem very fluent with your martial arts moves, do you have a martial arts background?

I’ve been a martial artist for 52 years and currently hold the rank of 9th degree in Kajukenbo.

I noticed that you had done a couple of movies with Billy Blanks. That’s awesome, how did the opportunity for them arise?
I was casted by Jalal Merhi from Toronto Canada in “Talons if the Eagle” and “TC 2000”. Billy has been a long time friend of mine even prior to the films.

Also a credit I saw, was Rambo 2!! Please tell me everything! I love Rambo 2! How was it working with Sly?

Sly Stallone is the absolute best, he actually hired me personally in Rambo II. He is currently in my animated feature “Animal Crackers” portraying the character “Bulletman”. Sly Originally hired me due to my martial arts skill and wanted me to double kicks for him. Unfortunately, the doubling kicks never happen, though, he did shoot me in the head with an arrow and pinned me to a post. Surely a memorable scene…..

Your character in Forbidden Power was awesome. Can we expect a spin off movie?
Paul received so many great reviews and remarks about my character, that he immediately wrote the sequel with me as one of the leads. It’ll have much more action that will display my true skills.

Thank you for your time Harry. It was awesome getting time to chat with you.
You’re the best, thank you for your kind words….


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  1. I am glad that GM Harry Mok will have a larger
    Role in the next flim.I am a big fan of his

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